The broken health care system has a stranglehold on businesses and employees.


Employer health care prices have skyrocketed upwards of 200% since 2000 and are projected to climb steadily, without better health outcomes.

Most employers feel powerless, accepting a lack of transparency, flexibility and control as merely the cost of doing business. Many employers fail to realize that this unprecedented trajectory impedes their organizations' ability to turn a fair profit and make other important investments in their people.

It's time to reinvest key dollars in your business and employees instead of continuing to waste money on a broken system. Reclaim control and combat rising health care costs with Onward Health Solution, the revolutionary smarter, self-funded health program for companies and their people.

Disruptive by Design

Onward Health is dedicated to helping employers overcome the lack of health care plan transparency, supporting the need for hands-on, on-going employee education, and providing stronger advocacy, aligned with the incentives that combat the interests of traditional insurance carriers, Big Pharma and the industry at large.


Access sharper plan analysis, boosted control, innovative benefits and performance optimizers to cut high-cost health care with precision and accuracy.


Experience true health care transparency with full visibility into every cost and only pay for the care your employees access and consume.


Utilize smarter, scalable and measurable processes to access quality care for improved health outcomes, delivering true health care affordability for employees.


Leverage a change management journey with health care packages for a crawl, walk, run pace. Each bundle has a recommended set of activities to maximize savings and enact real, sustainable change.

The Industry is Stacked Against Your Success

The health care system is built to prioritize profit over people and costs over care, but there is a way to challenge the industry norm that will result in real change.


Optimize More Innovative Self-funded Health Plans

Onward Health was developed to disrupt the lack of health care plan transparency for employers and will leverage immediate and long-term strategies to provide cost-control, clarity and high-touch member engagement at a pace that works for each business.



Break free from the shackles of a broken, one-sided benefits system and embrace health care transformation at its core.

Onward takes a uniquely active role in managing your health plan by working with you to create a multi-year strategic approach to reduce costs, improve employee experience and optimize overall care at your own pace. Contact a OneDigital Consultant and take the next best steps toward plan savings, risk management and benefits innovation.