Kameron Mele

Brand Manager

5 years of experience


Kameron is a marketing and visual communications professional working as a front-end designer and social media manager. The combination of strong writing skills, artistic ability, and passion for making a difference makes her a unique asset to any team.

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It's not about technology replacing the personal touch, it's about technology enabling the personal touch. The time HR spends educating employees on benefits issues can be more meaningful and impactful when employees already arrive with a base level of knowledge through well-designed, technology-delivered options. It allows for more substantive conversations where HR can act as an advisor, rather than just regurgitating basic information.

Chris Thurin, Regional Managing Principal

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Our team of 50+ benefit professionals consistently exceeds our clients expectations. Every team member knows that it is not enough to simply be proficient at their job function. The personal standard is higher and our clients receive the benefit.   LOCAL EVENTS

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