Stacey Motley

HR Consultant

10 years of experience


#FreshThinking - Stacey is a fresh thinking, results-oriented HR Consultant and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B) strategist responsible for managing a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from small start-up businesses to large global organizations. Stacey prides herself on being perceptive and intuitive, with a strong emphasis on connecting the dots by connecting with people. Stacey ensures successful outcomes for her clients by asking the right questions, listening critically to responses, then providing thoughtful, actionable solutions tailored to her clients’ needs.

Using her 10+ years of experience, Stacey supports clients by facilitating difficult conversations at the employee and leadership levels and providing strategic direction on talent management, talent acquisition, talent development, and employee engagement using a DEI&B lens. Stacey’s passion for DEI& B comes from her lived experiences being an “only” in many of her learning, working, and living spaces, resulting in her determination to create spaces where everyone feels comfortable being themselves.

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