Top Employee Wellbeing Trends to Embrace in 2022

Released January 2022


In light of the challenges employers and businesses have experienced for over two years, it is no surprise that employees face a growing list of concerns with the start of a new year. With record-setting numbers of resignations and open positions, employers are juggling multiple business priorities, ranging from logistical challenges of remote work to better attracting and retaining employees.

Engaging employees and offering meaningful benefits are no longer a ‘nice-to-have'. Employee wellbeing has a direct impact on an organization’s current and future success. Rather than aimlessly investing in a wellbeing solution, OneDigital has compiled a guide to help you get strategic about the best ways to support and invest in your employees.

Download the guide for a fresh and focused approach that addresses:

  • Employee physical, mental and emotional wellbeing needs
  • Employee-centric engagement and wellbeing programs
  • How to tailor your programs to put people at the center of the equation

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2022 Top Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Trends [Free Download]