2023 Guide to HR Compliance

Keeping track of all the state and federal requirements for employers has never been more challenging.

OneDigital’s Guide to HR Compliance summarizes key changes in labor laws and regulations. Our team of compliance experts offers guidance on forthcoming changes and recommended action items for 2023.


Inside the Guide You'll Find:

  • Key Federal and Multi-state law updates
  • COVID-19 Updated Reference Guide
  • I-9 Updates
  • Guidance on Mental Health Under FMLA
  • Minimum Wage Updates
  • Harassment Prevention, Human Trafficking Prevention, and Safety Training Required by State
Organizations cannot effectively focus on their people if they do not lay the groundwork for HR compliance.

Are you up to date and in compliance?

Keep this guide handy throughout the year to ensure you stay in compliance with key employment laws. Download the guide to get started.