How are you addressing the mental health and wellbeing of your people?



Over the last year and a half, an astounding 48% of employees reported experiencing high or extreme stress, with 34% looking to their employer to help their anxiety.

Without proactive strategies and transparent communication to ensure employees are supported, employers risk alienating their workforce, significant losses in productivity and harming their corporate brand for years to come.

OneDigital’s wellbeing and employee experience leaders have developed resources that address how to champion a culture of total wellbeing and mental health support for a new world of work.

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  • A detailed guide to build a culture of vigilance to keep your people resilient, engaged and productive,
  • Options to remove the mental health stigma and how to train your leaders to recognize signs of stress to prevent burnout,
  • How to craft an organizational response with proactive strategies to directly impact employee satisfaction and define company culture for the long-term.

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Mental Health Experiences in a New World of Work
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