There’s enough going on right now without the added stress of trying to understand evolving compliance requirements.

Checklist | Compliance
Released December 2020


The ever-changing landscape of healthcare reform has always been a source of great frustration for plan managers. We learned last year that no matter how prepared leaders are, there is no such thing as too prepared.

Legislation around the pandemic created higher stakes and as new laws are enacted, it’s even more critical to stay on top of the key deadlines. Set up for success this year by navigating organizational requirements and come away from this crisis more successfully.

Download the Q1 Quarterly Employer Compliance Checklist and discover:

  • Compliance deadlines through March 2021
  • Deadlines, reporting responsibilities, requirements and specific action steps
  • Specifications around applicability

Our dedicated team of attorneys and experts are solely focused on analyzing and interpreting employee benefits regulations to provide you with the advice and action steps needed to meet your organization’s regulatory responsibilities.

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Quarterly Employer Compliance Checklist
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