Supporting Employees’ Wellbeing in an Era of Solution Exhaustion

Whitepaper | Health & Wellbeing
Released January 2020


Today’s leading organizations are shifting their focus away from only offering physical-health centered programs and are developing holistic wellbeing strategies that improve their employees’ lives. Forward-thinking business leaders are being charged with supporting their workforce’s wellbeing, performance and job satisfaction all in an era of solution exhaustion. Learn what resources and programs companies are offering employees to improve their health and how they are making those decisions.

Download OneDigital’s 2020 Wellbeing Trends whitepaper to:

  • Discover the trends in the corporate wellness landscape that will continue to be prevalent throughout 2020 such as mental health and telemedicine
  • Learn about emerging trends such as Family and Maternity/Fraternity benefits and care navigation
  • Understand how employers are evaluating vendors to meet their needs and determining where to invest their wellness dollars in an era of solution exhaustion

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11 Wellbeing Trends Forward-Thinking Companies are Adopting in 2020
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