Not everyone will plan a traditional retirement but everyone should plan to enjoy their RetireLIFE!

My RetireLIFE was created with you in mind. We will tackle everything from finances, family, health, and wellness.

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Sheray Oliver

Participant Education Consultant


Sheray Oliver has a Retirement Services career that spans well over 20 years, dating back to 1998. Sheray earned her Bachelor of Business Administration, with concentrations in Human Resources and Marketing, from Temple University. She is Life & Health insurance licensed and is a Candidate for CFP® certification.

Sheray has a genuine love and passion for Employee Benefits & Retirement Education. In her role she provides education for enrollment support and retirement to the employees of our employer sponsored retirement plans. Sheray develops content that can be used across the entire agency as well as custom content for client specific needs.

  • Overview

    Most people think that Financial Literacy is about what you “know about money." This couldn’t be further from the truth.
    It’s about what you “do” with money. When you take positive actions, you get positive financial outcomes.
    Knowing the right steps does not ensure you will take them. In this issue we are going back to the basics.

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    Sheray Oliver Participant Education Consultant
  • Overview

    In this Inaugural Issue we explore the concept behind My RetireLIFE and how it came to be.
    We discuss Purposeful Work, explore Health Savings Accounts, tackle Student Loan Debt, and provide helpful Stress-fighting techniques.

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    Each Ezine will be full of information to help you create the retirement lifestyle you desire.


    Sheray Oliver Participant Education Consultant

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