Make Human Resources Less Administrative And More Strategic

Enable Your Team To Focus On Developing And Retaining Top Performers By Putting An Employee Benefits And HR Technology Strategy In Place


Make Human Resources Less Administrative And More Strategic

Enable Your Team To Focus On Developing And Retaining Top Performers By Putting An Employee Benefits And HR Technology Strategy In Place

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Are you poised to attract and retain millennials, the tech-savvy digitally native generation that will make up half of the workforce by 2020?

The answer is probably “no” if you're still relying on your current broker's traditional approach to employee benefits. It's time to experience new generation benefits consulting that pairs a fresh, strategic and innovative approach to employee benefit plan designs with a delightful technology solution that alleviates headaches and gets you focused on winning the battle for top talent.

It's not about technology replacing the personal touch, it's about technology enabling the personal touch. The time HR spends educating employees on benefits issues can be more meaningful and impactful when employees already arrive with a base level of knowledge through well-designed, technology-delivered options. It allows for more substantive conversations where HR can act as an advisor, rather than just regurgitating basic information."
Chris Thurin, Managing Principal, OneDigital Southern California

Introducing a fresh talent in the HR and benefits technology space—introducing SIMPLIFY.

Our easy-to-use online dashboard seamlessly integrates all of your HR and benefits functions.

  • Friendly HR Experts: Our experts are friendly, approachable and reliable. Think of them as working side-by-side with you to meet the HR and benefits needs of your employees.
  • Benefits and HR Technology: Cut through the clutter and the piles of paperwork and move to our online platform with one point of entry and one login.
  • Compliance Peace Of Mind: Never again worry that your ability to track hours worked and new hires eligibility isn’t up to snuff for ACA reporting.
  • Less Paperwork And Fewer Headaches: Our digital payroll integration, onboarding and open enrollment means you’ll have more time to focus on the people who need you most—your employees.

SIMPLIFY combines the convenience of our online HR and benefits management solution with the personal, strategic benefits guidance that comes with each of our consultants as the nation's largest employee benefits-only broker.

What if you could make HR less administrative and more strategic?

Integrating technology into your HR processes could provide the lift you're looking for. The right employee benefits and technology strategy can significantly enhance your employees' HR experience and actually make it easier to measure company goals.



Queen Consulting Group | Boston, MA

A Boston-based staffing company was frustrated with their antiquated HR processes. There was too much paper, not enough time for what really mattered—their people. Watch the story of how Simplify helped Queen Consulting Group deliver a great first impression to their employees while increasing the efficiency of their Human Resources team.



OneDigital + Zenefits: A Groundbreaking Strategic Partnership

OneDigital and Zenefits are teaming up to deliver an unprecedented employee benefits experience to meet the demand of today’s modern workforce. We’re combining forces in delivering one extraordinary, integrated experience that no single payroll, technology or benefits advisory can deliver on their own.



Yes! I want to provide my team with an unprecedented employee benefits experience.

Enable your team to focus on developing and retaining top performers by putting an employee benefits and HR technology strategy in place.