TakeCharge: The Key to Building an Exceptional Workplace


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The world of employee benefits, human resources and technology is continuously evolving—and fast.

No department is better positioned to address new age organizational challenges than HR. OneDigital's TakeCharge solution dives into how the needs and preferences of today’s generation of workers are influencing recruitment and retention efforts, customized benefits selection and innovation, and the integral role technology plays in delivering an exceptional workplace for employees.

As core functions get automated, your team is primed to become talent strategists and retention experts who are coaching and developing your company’s greatest asset—your people.

Are you ready to deliver an exceptional workplace experience for your employees?

At OneDigital, we believe people power great businesses—not the other way around. If you're looking for a benefits, human resources and technology solution that will help you become a true strategist and win the battle for talent, look to OneDigital.

"It's not about technology replacing the personal touch; it's about technology enabling the personal touch.

The time HR spends educating employees on benefits issues can be more meaningful and impactful when employees already arrive with a base level of knowledge through well-designed, technology-delivered options. It allows for more substantive conversations where HR can act as an advisor, rather than just regurgitating basic information."


— Chris Thurin, Regional Managing Principal, OneDigital Southern California