Resiliency, Renewal & Retention: OneDigital’s 2023 Workforce Insights Guide

The most consequential changes to the employer-employee relationship in living memory are happening right now.

Today’s employees have fundamentally different expectations around the role that work should play in American life. This, along with the highest inflation in decades, a stuttering economy, and an endless cascade of other crises are pushing businesses to adapt like never before.

Download OneDigital’s 2023 Workforce Insights Guide for information on boosting retention, building resiliency, and creating workplaces that makes employees happy.


What's Inside

  • Tactical advice for boosting retention in tumultuous climate
  • Cutting-edge benefits that help stressed employees to live their best lives
  • A fresh approach to up-skilling and professional development
  • A holistic view of wellness in the workplace that includes the promotion of mental and physical health, policies for preventing burnout, and guidance on how to make work more purposeful
  • A resiliency blueprint to help organizations thrive in the years ahead, no matter what they may hold
50% of employees who plan to quit their job in 2022 say that they are seeking better benefits and compensation, and 67% of jobseekers say that benefits are more important now than before the pandemic.
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With most of our waking hours spent at work, it’s essential for employers to encourage this basic need to grow. Gain valuable insights from industry experts, ready to share how organizations can meet the personalized expectations of today’s evolving workforce.

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Proactively investing in opportunities for employees to learn and develop new skills, including empathy, results in higher engagement, greater purpose and connection among teams and leads to higher rates of employee retention.