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An Employee and Culture Focused Growth Strategy

According to Vince Morris , winning in the future is about talent and technology and culture plays a critical role in the evolution of OneDigital's move into the retirement and wealth space.

During the 25-minute Podcast with Business Radio X, Morris emphasized OneDigital's shifting strategy, focused on keeping the employee's needs at the center of every employer conversation.

We help the employer with their workforce management issues and optimization of their labor and the employees. Generally, employees have the two main things they are worried about, how do I pay for health care, and how do I save for retirement? and those are two questions that we feel like we have innovative solutions in the marketplace to answer.
Vince Morris, President of OneDigital Retirement + Wealth

"We think having a trusted partner like OneDigital that can look at a total employee package and how one side of the fence like 401K impacts health care costs or health care costs impact your 401K deferrals is critical for true return on investment and that's what we're bringing to the marketplace."

Investment advice is offered through OneDigital Investment Advisors, an SEC-registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of OneDigital.

Listen to the Podcast here.

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