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Avoiding 'Technology Regret'

More employers are utilizing a benefits administration tool to increase efficiency and enhance the employee experience.

In fact, 66% of employers are now more digital than paper-based when it comes to managing employees' benefits. But that other 34% are falling behind. Cue the objections: "my employees' don't have access to a smartphone," "it's too expensive" or my personal favorite: "my employees' aren't comfortable with technology." In speaking with our customers, we hear this type of feedback all the time, but the truth is that your employees' do want technology.

Tune into this episode with special guest, Frank Mengert, Founder/Owner of EBM, as we uncover how benefits administration (benadmin) technology is not only improving the employee experience, but it's allowing HR teams to get more time back in their day. We discuss what types of questions employers and HR managers should be asking when looking for a benadmin platform, how to successfully implement their new technology, how to avoid technology regret and where this type of technology is heading in the foreseeable future. Great episode for those looking to add technology to their open enrollment experience, or who need help making the business case with their teams.


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