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Emily Bailey Examines the Value of Tailoring Your Benefits to a Multigenerational Workforce

Offering benefits that appeal to a range of generational groups can be challenging to any employer and becomes even more difficult when addressing millennials and Gen Z in particular.

Besides age, a range of factors including trends related to life events, lifespans, communication habits, beliefs, preferences all play a significant role in determining the benefits millennials prefer and value.

The trick, says Emily Bailey, Managing Consultant at OneDigital Hartford, is understanding the key differences in how millennials consume and select benefits. She shares further insights in the article, “To Connect Millennials and Gen Z to the Right Employee Benefits, Know Their Story” by HRDive.

Younger workers are particularly likely to forgo voluntary benefits like life insurance and disability insurance regardless of sagacity in favor of options that meet immediate concerns, like tuition reimbursement and commuter benefit plans.
— Emily Bailey, Managing Consultant, OneDigital Hartford

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