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Getting the Most Out of Your EAP's to Build a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Although Mental Health Awareness Month is coming to a close, that doesn't mean the conversations on this topic should end too.

More now than ever, employers are focusing on how they can better support their employees as a whole, ensuring that they feel happy & safe at the office so they can do their best work. Meghan Stokes, VP of Clinical Services at BHS, joins the podcast this week to discuss how employers can (and should) build a mentally healthy workplace to better support their employees. We dive into where the best place is to start for supporting mental health in the workplace, how to determine what your employees are most concerned about, and best practices around building and promoting successful EAP's. We know we won't solve this problem overnight, but there are things employers can be doing right now to make the workplace a safer environment for their people.

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