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How Technology is Transforming the Employee Experience

In a recent study by Randstad, 77% of employees expect their employer to provide easier options for completing routine tasks compared to what was done 3 years ago, and 4 out of 10 employees report having left a job because they didn’t have access to the latest digital tools.

Technology doesn’t just play a role in being able to complete day-to-day tasks but in how your employees communicate with you internally and helping them better understand their benefits.
In this episode, we talk with Tom LaCascia from HealthJoy about how technology is transforming the employee benefits and HR space, focusing in on how it's helping provide an overall better employee experience. We even tackle the question everyone wants to know: how can technology help save money and aid in retaining top talent. From communication best practices to making HR more strategic, this episode is full of great discussion that applies to all employers, no matter the size or industry.

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