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Julie Cape for Insurance Thought Leadership on API Innovation

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, the need for innovative technology solutions is becoming increasingly important to improve client expectations, efficiency and to keep pace with global digital disruption.

With a wave of change in employee expectations, employers have placed a higher value on benefits programs to satisfy rising workforce needs and compete for scarce talent post-pandemic. All industry stakeholders — brokers, general agents, insurers, benefits providers and tech platforms — have abruptly found themselves functioning virtually. They strive for more intelligent, digitally enabled ways to do business and remain relevant. The insurance industry faces a great opportunity and significant risk as it changes in response to powerful demographic, societal and technological forces.

In a recent article for Insurance Thought Leadership, OneDigital Executive Vice President of Client Services, Enterprise & Select Markets, Julie Cape, discusses the need for more tech-forward innovation within the health insurance market. With a specific focus on the use of application programming interfaces (APIs), she details how this modern solution can integrate different systems and streamline processes, allowing health insurance brokers to save time, improve accuracy and enhance communications to improve the overall customer experience.

One of the key benefits of APIs is the amount of time they can save for health insurance brokers. Brokers can free up thousands of hours each year by eliminating manual data entry and back-and-forth email transactions. As a result, brokers can focus on higher-value tasks such as building customer relationships, providing better service and growing their business. APIs also reduce the time it takes to set up new plans and verify eligibility, enabling brokers to respond to customers' needs faster and more efficiently.
Julie Cape, Executive Vice President of Client Services, Enterprise & Select, OneDigital

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