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Sena Meilleur Featured in Senior Executive Discussing Fresh Ideas to Attract & Retain Talent

Joblist’s 2022 report on trends in the U.S. market finds that 67% of job seekers believe employee benefits are more important now than before the pandemic, and 54% would consider taking a lower-paying job with a better benefits package.

The uber-competitive employee retention landscape of the Great Resignation requires employers to stay ahead of the curve and offer customized, compassionate, and data-driven suites of benefits that address the most pressing pain points of their employees.

In the Senior Executive article, “9 Fresh Employee Benefits Ideas to Help You Attract and Retain Talent in 2023," OneDigital Vermont's Managing Principal Sena Meilleur chimes in on a variety of trends she is seeing in the marketplace that her customers are leveraging to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

So long are the days of reviewing your benefit programs once a year. Forward-thinking employers are constantly thinking about what their employees, and future employees, are looking for and how they can meet them where they are at.

You want to have a benefits plan in place that is attractive, modern — not something that hasn’t been touched in 30 years. When you need to turn around and suddenly recruit somebody, you [need to] have a really attractive suite to offer them.
Sena Meilleur, Managing Principal, OneDigital Vermont

Read the Senior Executive article here.

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