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Strategic Planning to Combat Low Retention, Mental Health Challenges and Employee Financial Stress

The last few years have upended the way we work, irreversibly shifting the perception of the role work plays in American life.

This has led to an overwhelming sense of uncertainty for workers, business owners, and leaders alike.

In a highly competitive jobs market, employees are placing greater importance on company culture and the employment value proposition offered by employers. Compensation alone is no longer enough to outweigh a toxic work environment or inadequate health and retirement offerings. Coupled with rising inflation and a declining American workforce, businesses are at a critical crossroads and the cost of inaction is high.

Now available on-demand, play back this critical discussion with OneDigital’s HR, wellbeing and retirement plan consultants about the must-have people strategies to increase engagement, support employee wellbeing and reduce financial stress for the long term. Walk away from this session with the data to create the framework for change, actionable takeaways to bring these insights to life and fuel your workforce strategy for 2023.

Leaders who can adopt a people-first workforce strategy that directly impacts engagement and performance by taking a holistic approach to support their people will cultivate a resilient workforce, offset turnover, and safeguard their organization for the future.


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