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Supporting Employee Health And Wellbeing Through Organizational Wellness Programs

If you’re like me, you are excited by the fact that springtime is just around the corner!  Speaking of excitement, wouldn’t it be exciting for your organization to be recognized by one of the nation’s most respected resources for building a high-performing, healthy workplace?  If so, then perhaps you should check out WELCOA’s (Wellness Council of America) Well Workplace Award process.

WELCOA believes that supporting employee health and wellbeing through organizational wellness programs can change lives and transform organizational culture. To that end, WELCOA professionals have designed a Well Workplace Award process that helps organizations of all types accomplish just that.

Simply put, the Well Workplace Award process recognizes organizations that have built successful, results-oriented, health & wellness programs, activities or events.   Your organization is ranked in one of four categories:

•    Bronze (demonstrating a solid foundation for success)
•    Silver (expanding programs and aligning initiatives with organizational priorities)
•    Gold (developing comprehensive initiatives producing results)
•    Platinum (the pinnacle of results-oriented initiatives)

Interested in going through the Well Workplace Award process?  Here’s what you need to do:

•    Become a member of WELCOA
•    Complete the Well Workplace Checklist
•    Implement the 7 Benchmarks (over a 12 month consecutive span)
•    Complete the Well Workplace Aware Application

If approved a letter and a formal application review document certifying your organization as an award winner will be presented.  The Well Workplace Award designation lasts for three years.

I can’t tell you what a valuable process this would be for any organization.  OneDigital Hartford has gone through the process and has helped clients through the process as well.  It really brings best practices together to benefit an organization’s culture and their greatest asset—their employees!