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Travis Dommert Links Low Flexibility With High Turnover in HRD Magazine Feature

Remote work is simply impossible in some industries. But companies that can offer flexibility and choose not to are doing themselves a huge disservice in the War for Talent.  

Remote work, the Great Resignation, flexibility as a benefit – all of these things are old news in 2023. However, despite an unprecedented labor shortage and historically high turnover rates, some companies are still mandating that their workers show up to a physical office building five days a week.  

Writing in Human Resources Director Magazine, OneDigital’s SVP of Talent Travis Dommert has some words of advice – and warning – for employers who are hesitant to give their employees more autonomy: 

If you are basing your decision on personal preference, outdated models for collaboration, or the belief that culture can’t live outside your four walls, beware. Innovators and people-first organizations are coming for your people. The organizations that adapt to the future and align their talent strategy to their business strategy stand to win the war for talent.” - Travis Dommert, SVP of Talent

You can read Travis’ full article in HRD Magazine here

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