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[Video] Casual Friday: Retention at All Ages

Retaining a multigenerational workforce in today's uncertain climate can be a challenge.

The market shows signs of cooling, but it’s still an employee market. Business leaders continue to face staffing shortages and the talent pool remains a talent puddle. With evolving priorities from a new era of working professionals, failure to provide new growth opportunities and compensation advantages could cause employees to walk out the door (or never walk in at all).

Anmarie Gaalaas, Jania Stout and Ugochi Dinnea from our Mid-Atlantic employee benefits, wealth + retirement, and HR teams discuss how employers can improve engagement and retention in this week’s Casual Friday episode. Watch the video above to hear how you can successfully attract and retain a valued, multigenerational workforce in today’s uncertain climate.

Our Casual Friday with OneDigital series is a conversation about work and life that answers how companies can stay ahead to recruit and retain top talent. Check out our Wellbeing in the Workplace blog to hear past conversations.