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The OneDigital Brand Story: In Their Own Words

OneDigital is a company built on optimism, perseverance, continuous improvement and innovation, creativity and relentless determination. We are a company who truly cares about each other, and we care about our customers and their employees customers with the same passion and energy.

This new brand was a natural progression into the future and every employee is embracing it with enthusiasm and with open arms for the journey ahead. We asked team members from across the company to put our new brand story into their own words, and here's what they said:

The sense of pride and inspiration I feel in terms of the path we’re on as OneDigital is hard to put into words. OneDigital has been successful not by chance, but by change. The brand refresh is another example of embracing positive change. We got this..we’re #RELENTLESS
- Julie Cape, EVP, Small Employer Markets

I am very excited about the new brand as it will bring us together as one. No more DI and DBA separation within the company and in the marketplace. Excited about marketing and branding OneDigital with a new fresh look and new momentum.
-Lily Lam, Principal, Southern California

To me, the OneDigital brand embodies and demonstrates continuity and loyalty to our reputable past as well as the unification of our most important asset, our people.
- Kammy Boyd, Vice President of Client Services

To me, the rebranding process has really been a great exercise of thinking through who we are to our customers and how we can better convey our ability to serve their needs. The name OneDigital is such a natural fit to label who we are as a company, our employees, our culture, and our presence in the market. This is an exciting time, and I can’t wait to see where the future takes us.
- Wally Dawson, Managing Principal, Raleigh

To me, OneDigital speaks to the collaborative team environment that we share across the country, and also how we work as one with our clients every day. I love the singular name and the dual significance. Anchoring the themes with the Digital name links the internal and external clients through our progressive approach to this complex industry. Synching our talents with technology, we can achieve truly great things.
- David Blanchard, Principal, Director of Client Services

Since I joined Digital three years ago, the Northern California team truly embraced the One Digital philosophy as it pertained to moving folks into different teams to best support our clients. It quickly morphed into our culture and for it now to become our brand is a true testament to how we view our best assets - our employees. We are OneDigital.
- Jeff Fallick, Managing Principal, Northern California

With the launch of the new OneDigital name and brand, I feel it will rally our people around a common purpose and core set of values that will successfully unify all of our staff who either have been with the organization for many years or recently joined as a new hire or from an acquisition. Being the best small and mid-market benefits broker is not just a statement or status, we all need to “live it” in our daily interactions with clients, carriers and fellow associates!
- Peter Gruenberg, CEBS, Chief Operating Officer