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[Webinar Playback] Compliance 101 - A Crash Course In Employee Benefits Compliance

Spotting and Resolving Frequently Encountered Employee Benefits Compliance Issues

As human resource and employee benefits professionals, you often wear many hats. With the passage of new rules and regulations, on top of an already complex employee benefits landscape, juggling various compliance concerns has become increasingly challenging.

The key to minimizing your compliance risk is ensuring that you are aware of and able to address common issues that arise in the day-to-day administration of your plan. This webinar includes an overview of many pressing compliance issues, such as those under Consumer Driven Health Plans, ERISA, Section 125, COBRA, HIPAA, and PPACA.

You can expect a better understanding of:

  • ERISA Reporting, Disclosure, and Fiduciary Requirements
  • Permissible Mid-Year Election Changes
  • PPACA Coverage Reforms & Mandates
  • COBRA Qualifying Event & Notice Requirements
  • HDHP, HSA, HRA, and FSA Plan Coordination
  • HIPAA Privacy & Nondiscrimination Requirements

To view the content in its entirety, watch the recorded session above.