Your Guide to Retirement Plan Fiduciary Responsibilities

It can feel a bit overwhelming, but as a fiduciary, not only do you need to take your responsibilities seriously, you must also demonstrate you're fulfilling your obligation. That's why at OneDigital Investment Advisers (OneDigital), we have created the Fiduciary Academy, where you will find resources to help you manage your roles and responsibilities with the best interest of your participants in mind.

Each month, you're invited to join a live class with one of our Fiduciary Academy Coaches. Register for our upcoming  sessions and find all of the replays and resources from past classes below.


Upcoming Sessions

Building a Retirement Plan Committee

Tuesday, December 19, 2:00 pm CST

Much of the management of your business's 401k plan falls on the shoulders of your retirement plan committee. Having the right people and the appropriate procedures in place to help them facilitate the retirement plan offerings for your employees is of utmost importance. Join our academy session to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of a retirement plan committee and the steps you can take to help set your committee up for success.



Amira Martin, CPFA, PPC® Retirement Plan Consultant, OneDigital Retirement + Wealth

Kevin Major, CPFA Vice President, OneDigital Retirement + Wealth


Retirement Plan Features That Should Be In Every Plan!

Retirement Plan Features That Should Be In Every Plan!

As plan sponsors optimizing our retirement plan with the necessary features can help our employees live financially free and retire on time. Many plan features can dramatically help in that effort. Auto features like enrollment and escalation are often discussed but are not always refined. Other lesser-known features, such as hardship loan payment programs, are not even offered. In this session, we will discuss these features and many more that can help your business attract and retain talent by having a top-notch retirement solution.

Future Proofing Your Plan for Volatility

Fiduciary Academy Future Proofing Your Plan for Volatility

The only real constant in financial markets is crisis. Whether it is collapsing banks, inflation, global unrest, and digital currencies coming and going there will always be news that drives volatility. What does that mean for your retirement plan and, more importantly, what should you DO about it? Is your retirement plan ready to handle the rocking waves of volatility?
Join our session to learn how you can better prepare your plan for the future.

Considerations When Hiring and Monitoring a 3(38) Investment

Considerations When Hiring and Monitoring a 3(38) Investment Manager

As an employer, it's important for you to focus on what you do best: running your business. Yet federal law requires that you take fiduciary responsibility for your company's 401(k) plan, which demands a level of investment expertise and a time commitment most employers don't have. Fortunately, employers are permitted to delegate virtually all of their investment liability and responsibility when they hire an ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager.
Join us as we discuss information to consider when hiring and monitoring a 3(38) fiduciary, as well as trends in the 3(38) landscape.

The Change in Retirement: Why Secure Act 2.0 Makes Retirement a Requirement

Fiduciary Academy Secure 2.0.mp4

In December 2022, SECURE 2.0 was signed into law by President Biden. While most provisions of SECURE 2.0 will not take effect immediately, the legislation promises to alter the retirement landscape for millions of Americans and the businesses that employ them. Retirement for many has been an optional employee benefit, and with the new SECURE Act 2.0, we are moving to a world where having an employer-sponsored plan may no longer be the case. With the new legislation set forth by the SECURE Act 2.0, there are both mandatory and optional provisions that need to be understood by all plan sponsors and retirement plan committees.Join us as we outline what steps need to take place and the big-picture impacts of these provisions.

How to Protect Your Employees with Cybersecurity

On Demand Fiduciary Academy Cybersecurity (1).mp4

When participants are victims of fraud, plan sponsors may be responsible. Employers must take action to ensure security of their employee's accounts.  Join us as we discuss the Department of Labor's guidance on cybersecurity 12 best practices and help help you understand how to protect you and your employees. .

Solving the Mystery of Retirement Plan Fees

Solving the Mystery of Retirement Plan Fees

When you read any HR or employee benefit-related publication, you regularly see litigation and class action lawsuits involving expenses for employer-sponsored retirement plans. Uncovering and benchmarking fees isn't easy, but it's important to monitor service providers and investments. Jennifer Pearson from OneDigital will share a process you can put in place to know your plan's true cost and make sure it's both reasonable and equitable.

Fiduciary Academy: Secure Act 2.0

SECURE Act 2.0

The SECURE (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) Act was signed into legislation by the Senate on December 19, 2019. Now three years later, legislators are gearing up to pass an updated version, one of the most significant pieces of retirement plan legislation in the past decade. One of the major questions Plan Sponsors are asking is how these changes will impact their retirement plan. Join us as we unpack the major changes and share with you what you need to know about the legislation and considerations for the future of your organization’s retirement plan.

Fiduciary Academy: Navigating Retirement Plan Notices

The end of 2022 is quickly approaching. Do you need help organizing year end required notices for your workplace retirement plan? Federal law requires certain plan and investment related information to be provided to those with an account in the retirement plan or who are eligible to participate. The process of making sure you’re fulfilling your fiduciary duties on this topic can be confusing. OneDigital will provide tips so you can coordinate with your service provider and document.

Fiduciary Academy: Litigation Landscape

Fiduciary Academy - Cybersecurity

The Department of Labor audits thousands of employee benefit retirement plans, focusing on ERISA violations and many can result in monetary penalties or other corrective actions. Join us as we help you understand ERISA legal compliance, fiduciary "awareness", ERISA fiduciary responsibilities and best practices, and fiduciary breach lawsuits that hit health plans. ​

Fiduciary Academy: Fiduciary 101

Fiduciary 101

As a retirement plan committee member, you have a very important role. You’ve been trusted to act in the best interest of your company and all of its employees—to protect their futures and make sure that the retirement plan is doing what it should. In this webinar, we’ll share the basics about who does what in managing your company’s retirement plan. Among the topics covered, we’ll review your role as a fiduciary, the best practices for your retirement plan committee, and who you’ll work with to maintain the plan

Fiduciary Academy: Cybersecurity

Fiduciary Academy - Cybersecurity

Plan Sponsors and Fiduciaries have an obligation to protect plan assets and trillions in retirement plan assets have attracted the attention of bad actors. Hear why cybersecurity is so important, get tips for hiring a service provider with strong cybersecurity practices and walk away with some cyber security best practices.

Fiduciary Academy: ESG, PE, and Crypto

Fiduciary Academy - ESG PE CRYPTO

We’ve had almost thirty years of ping-pong regulations, which oftentimes have been contradictory. ERISA mandates that plan assets only be used for the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to participants of the plan and their beneficiaries. In this video, you will hear how ESG (Environmental, social, governance), Private Equity, and Cryptocurrency fit inside a retirement plan and get an understanding of the Department of Labor's current position.

Fiduciary Academy: Litigation

Fiduciary Academy- Litigation

A critical part of becoming a successful fiduciary is to minimize the risk of a lawsuit. The DOL once focused on only billion dollars plus plans but now plans of $100 million-plus are being sued. In this video, you will learn the steps committee members can take to minimize the risk of litigation and how to defend against litigation should the need arise.

Fiduciary Academy: PTE 2020-02, Rollovers, and Managed Accounts

Fiduciary Academy: PTE 2020-02, Rollovers, and Managed Accounts

Since 2010, the DOL has been attempting to address their concerns over rollovers from retirement plans to IRAs. They have had mixed success in their rulemaking over the years. We are here to explain what committee members need to know as fiduciaries and how to protect their plan and employees.

Employees are facing tremendous financial challenges. Is your company providing adequate support to unlock their future potential?

Having employees who cannot retire on time is an unfortunate but all too common scenario that impacts not only employee morale, health and productivity, but also the company’s bottom line. Retirement plans are an efficient way to encourage employees to save; however, when incorrectly managed on an outdated framework, they can be ineffective and a burden in terms of administration, liability and cost.


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