Generations at Work

Navigating Challenges and Opportunities in a Multigenerational Workplace


For the first time in modern history, workplace demographics now span five generations. With Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X-ers, Millennials and Generation Z all jostling for workplace success, getting a clear picture of your employee base, how they work, learn, manage and engage is harder than ever.

Progressive employers understand the value of recognizing and embracing the unique qualities of each generation and are taking a customized approach to employee benefits, technology and engagement strategies.

OneDigital is here to help you navigate and embrace your multigenerational benefits and workforce strategy.


Multigenerational Trends Driving Success

For many companies, leveraging employees is the key to driving company success. However, the way companies achieve this goal has changed as the different generations enter and exit the workforce. Discover how generational differences play a role in the way employers should communicate, collaborate, attract and retain your workforce.

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Generations at Work

Ever wonder what the most effective way to communicate with your employees is? What about how to attract candidates from various generations? Use this infographic to understand the makeup and preferences of a diverse, multigenerational workforce and to engage and attract high-performing individuals from all generations.

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Did you know? Only 28% of employees believe the one-size-fits-all benefits approach is valuable.*

Benefits matter across every generation. Adopting a benefits strategy tailored to evolving multigenerational preferences will allow you to experience increased engagement, higher productivity and greater loyalty within your organization.

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**MetLife. “Thriving in the New Work-Life World.” Accessed September 2019. com/employee-benefit-trends/ebts-thriving-in-new-work-world-2019/


Gain valuable insights from industry experts spread across the country, ready to share the tools needed to navigate your multigenerational workforce like a pro.

Benefits Considerations for a Multigenerational Workforce

Watch the Benefits Considerations for a Multigenerational Workforce Webinar Now

Discover more about generational attributes and motivations, benefits strategies by generation, compliance obligations and more to help your organization win the battle for top talent.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to tailor your employee benefits and recruitment strategies to stay ahead of the competition.


Cultural Challenges, Diversity & Inclusion: How Can Your Company Benefit?

Watch the Cultural Challenges, Diversity & Inclusion: How Can Your Company Benefit? Webinar Now

Diversity and inclusion are common buzzwords in today's work atmosphere. But, what do they really mean? How do they affect current challenges in company culture?

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore how understanding and embracing diversity and inclusion can bring lasting benefits to your company culture. You'll learn new strategies your organization can adopt to help maximize the changing climate in the workforce.



Getting Rewards Right: Adjusting Competitive Rewards Based on Changing Employee Preferences

As organizations look to attract and retain talent, an increasingly multigenerational workforce introduces a new challenge, putting together the right mix of benefits and compensation programs that will engage employees across generations. Explore practical methods of tailoring your offerings based on the unique makeup of your workforce.

Multigenerational Workforce Do’s & Don’ts

Effectively managing a melting pot of viewpoints and workstyles isn't a simple task. Discover how to successfully navigate your multigenerational workforce, focusing on the do's and don’ts for each generation, as well as strategies to create an enjoyable workplace leaving your teams inspired to produce their greatest work.

OneDigital Experts in the News

The Keys to a 5-Generation Workforce? Fringe Benefits and Personalized Options | BenefitsPRO
"Benefits such as tuition reimbursement, accident insurance, pet insurance, PTO purchase and paid family leave are popular amongst younger generations. Providing benefits that will please all five workplace generations is not an easy task but, these steps will help to reach your goal to meet employee’s needs and attract and retain the best and brightest talent."- Emily Bailey, Managing Principal, OneDigital Hartford

Targeted Benefits Help Baby Boomers Stay at Work, Prepare to Retire | SHRM
"Many older workers facing the same types of issues can benefit from the support of their colleagues. Employers can bring in an expert each month to talk about relevant topics, such as wellness or financial literacy, which are important for pre-retirement planning.

One of the most important benefits an employer can offer older workers is a legal-benefits plan that provides employees with legal advice and representation for personal legal matters, such as wills and estate planning and preparations for eldercare. These are all essential matters for older workers.” - Sean Nehlsen, Regional Managing Director, OneDigital Cleveland

Millennials are HR's Biggest Challenge in the Multi-gen Workforce | HR Dive
"Younger workers are more likely to pass on voluntary benefits and opt for those that meet a more immediate need, such as tuition reimbursement or remote-work options. Personalization reportedly has high appeal among millennials, especially when the concept is applied to benefits." - Emily Bailey, Managing Principal, OneDigital Hartford

Meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s multigenerational workforce.

Although this is uncharted territory for many, there are concrete strategies that HR professionals can implement now to put themselves and their multigenerational workforce at an advantage.

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