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Providing competitive benefits is important for businesses that want to attract and retain top talent. Are your executive benefits offerings competitive in your field?


Strong leadership can play a critical role in business performance. Well-designed benefits strategies for key executives can help drive outcomes and support organizational stability.

Regulatory limits on social security savings and qualified plan contributions can put highly compensated employees at risk of their retirement savings falling far short of the earning levels they achieved pre-retirement. To help fill the retirement savings gap and incentivize employees to stay for the long run, business owners look to nonqualified deferred compensation plans (NQDC) and other executive benefits strategies as a part of their competitive offerings.

Talk to a OneDigital executive benefits specialist to learn more about adding tax-efficient, flexible retirement savings strategies to your benefits offering.

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It could cost up to 400% of a departing worker’s annual salary to replace a specialized or high-level employee. 

- Inc. The Build Network, Turnover Costs

Powerful Tool for Leading Organizations

OneDigital empowers employers to manage benefits as a business within their business, developing a strategy that not only impacts their bottom line but evolves to meet the changing needs of their workforce.


Customize agreements to help recruit, retain and reward key talent.


Align employee expectations with unique organizational goals.


Supports ERISA compliance. Can help companies pass discrimination testing.


Reduce retirement income gaps and allow more choices in long-term tax planning.

Part of a Holistic Benefits Strategy

Offering employees opportunities to create holistic, long-term financial plans can be great way for employers to keep their workforce focused on the future and committed to reaching positive retirement outcomes.

Using these powerful tools, employees can:

  • Take advantage of pre-tax deferrals, tax-deferred growth and compounded earnings
  • Defer up to 100% of compensation to meet savings goals
  • See the benefits of personalized advice, including investment, saving, distribution and income replacement strategies
  • Enjoy flexibility and take payouts from the plan without the same age restrictions as 401(k) plans


Competition for talent is increasing

Traditional recruiting strategies are no longer enough to ensure that your business is incentivizing key talent and positioning your business for long-term success. Contact OneDigital to build a high performing business strategy to help attract, reward and retain leaders and position your organization for the future.

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