Retirement Services

Employees are facing tremendous financial challenges.

Is your company providing adequate support to unlock their future potential?


Leading employers are reevaluating their retirement programs to ensure their employees can stay focused, productive and ready to retire when the time is right.

Having employees who cannot retire on time is an unfortunate but all too common scenario that impacts not only employee morale, health and productivity, but also the company’s bottom line. Retirement plans are an efficient way to encourage employees to save; however, when incorrectly managed on an outdated framework, they can be ineffective and a burden in terms of administration, liability and cost.

OneDigital takes a comprehensive view of a company’s retirement plan and integrates it into a broader workforce strategy allowing employees to operate undistracted by financial stressors and at the highest level of their ability. Watch this video to learn more.

Future-Proof Retirement Plans

Organizations that embrace modern plan design and innovative plan engagement will create a pathway to a stable and productive workforce and will see the immediate benefits of streamlined employee communication and integrated technology..


Improve participation by adopting features such as auto-enrollment, auto-escalation and auto-reallocation into age-based investments.


Benchmark current services and fees to other industries and geographic peer groups.


Reduce the burden on HR and payroll departments by integrating to streamline communications, enrollments and employee requests.


Provide easy access for employees to get answers to pressing questions about unique financial situations.

A Powerful New Approach

OneDigital’s team of independent retirement plan consultants guides employers by developing a retirement program that is flexible and sustainable with their business objectives and a true benefit to their employees.

  • Investment management & fiduciary services
  • Plan consulting & operational support
  • Vendor analysis & benchmarking
  • Employee education & engagement
  • Corporate financial wellness initiatives
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plan Investment Advisory Services & Consulting
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plan Annuity Placement Services, De-Risking, and Plan Termination Strategies

Employer Resources

Power Your People

Everyone deserves to feel confident and in control when it comes to their financial future.

Through Financial Academy, we provide easy to understand financial tips and resources to make answering life's biggest questions a little less stressful. Learn more about giving your employees quick access to the tools that they need to create stability and unlock future potential.



Is your team ready to navigate the road ahead?

Working with an experienced plan adviser allows you the ability to offer a robust retirement plan without losing focus on your business. It doesn't have to be so hard!
We are here to push back to ONE team that helps coordinate all the pieces together, making it easier for you and your plan to benefit your employees more effectively.

Fresh Thinking from OneDigital’s Retirement Leaders


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