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11 Health-Conscious Apps to Enhance Workplace Wellbeing

While the research indicates that today’s workforce is less active than ever before, the fitness app market is growing exponentially.

A recent Forbes piece predicts that “worldwide wearables sales will grow by an average of 20% each year over the next five years, becoming a $29 billion market with 243 million-unit sales by 2022.” Fitness apps and related technologies are only becoming more prevalent, which could have a positive impact on how much movement employees get each day.

Forward-thinking organizations acknowledge the correlation between healthier, happier employees and increased productivity, engagement and loyalty. Utilize the existing technology to enhance or refresh your wellbeing initiatives around physical, mental, financial, social health and more. We’ve put together a list of our favorite fitness apps and tech that enhance an employee’s ability to stay healthy.

Here are our picks for health-conscious apps to enhance and support your workforce’s wellbeing journey and have an impact on productivity, engagement and satisfaction:

  1. HealthCheck360

    This health management platform for enterprises enables employees to set custom wellness goals and objectives, track and reward activity and fitness levels across many tenets of wellbeing. Through an integrated approach that incorporates engagement, benefits, social and emotional health, physical health and medical management, employers can enhance the wellbeing journey for employees. Employees can also socialize about health and wellness efforts in and out of the office by sharing photos, exercise tips, healthy recipes and more.

  2. Endomondo

    Meant to help motivate by tracking workouts, providing audio feedback and offering guidance on how to reach your goals. This also helps connect with other health-conscious friends for added motivation.

  3. Hotseat

    A way to get employees away from their desks more often. This app creates friendly competition around the office. Employees organize challenges, along with the challenge start date and team, and the last person standing wins. The app also sends reminders to encourage users to take two-minute activity breaks. AND it integrates with iCal, so the reminders are sent based on the user’s specific schedule.

  4. MyFitnessPal

    This app features a free and easy-to-use calorie counter that lets users quickly track their meals, snacks, coffee, etc. intake throughout the day using a database that holds more than 5 million different types of food.

  5. Total Brain

    A neuroscience-based mental health and fitness app, founded on the notion that mental health can be measured, improved and managed like physical health. Total Brain measures the 12 brain capacities that define mental health, confidentially screens for the risk of common mental health conditions, creates self-awareness and accountability, and engages individuals in mental fitness programs that maximize their mental health.

  6. Meditation Studio

    Meditation can help reduce anxiety and improve concentration. This app offers more than 200 guided meditations featuring 27 leading meditation experts to help de-stress, sleep better and boost your confidence.

  7. Headspace

    This meditation and mindfulness app provides a workout for the brain. By taking ten minutes a day to listen in and clear your mind, increase your attention span, alertness and gain an instant calm.

  8. 8fits

    An all-encompassing approach to health and fitness–allowing users to personalize their workouts to their strengths and wellnesses, teamed with healthy and delicious recipes that are easy to follow. No gym membership needed.

  9. Streaks

    This to-do list helps you form good habits and holds you accountable to your New Year’s goals. By allowing you to track up to 12 tasks you want to achieve each day and build a streak of consecutive days, it helps you meet your goals in bite-size pieces. Tasks can range from going for a run to reading a chapter of a book or even quitting smoking.

  10. Sleep++

    The app grabs all the vital sleep info from you while you’re sleeping. By tracking motion, it’s able to figure out how restless you are during your slumber–and when. It allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your sleep patterns and how to remedy your sleep challenges.

  11. FIIT

    This fitness app brings premium boutique class experiences to you, wherever you are. Upon signing up, users receive a heart-monitoring chest strap to track your progress as you work out.

Of course, creating a culture of wellbeing goes further than encouraging the use of fitness apps. Creating a health & wellbeing strategy can help enhance not only a population’s health but overall workforce productivity and business performance. Learn more: OneDigital Health & Wellbeing.

To learn more about how compliance may play a role when utilizing fitness apps with your workforce, check out this recent post: How Health Apps and Fitness Trackers Impact Employer HIPAA Compliance.