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How Social Determinants of Health Are Costing Employers – Whether They Know it or Not

In light of the pandemic, organizations are prioritizing employee wellbeing like never before. But without understanding the underlying causes of health disparities, many employers are taking a shot in the dark attempting to meet workforce needs, and far too often, are investing in the wrong solutions.

Although the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) is a relatively contemporary term, the concepts have been studied for almost a century. The SDoH is a framework to help understand the complex set of factors driving population health and wellbeing, including access to quality healthcare, nutritious foods, and safe working conditions. Over the last few years, greater evidence has surfaced linking SDoH to mental health outcomes and employee health status; consequently affecting employer health care costs, productivity, and absenteeism.

In short, employers are paying for cost impacts of Social Determinants of Health, whether they know it or not.


Dr. Matthew Liss

Head of Clinical Innovation, Rightway Healthcare

Dr. Matthew Liss is the Head of Clinical Innovation at Rightway Healthcare, a leading care navigation solution. In his role, Dr. Liss oversees Rightway's population health and clinical interaction strategy, which are central to driving employee engagement and experience. He continues to evolve Rightway’s ‘smarter clinical’ navigation model, working closely with employer clients to deploy new, needle-moving programs that deliver results for employers and employees.

Prior to Rightway, Dr. Liss spent 20+ years at Comcast (previously NBCUniversal), where he was most recently the Clinical Review Officer for the Comcast Global Benefits team. Over the course of three decades in the corporate medical field, he became an expert in employee health and consumer utilization of benefits. Having developed extensive employer healthcare programs, Dr. Liss knows how to create healthier populations by driving employee engagement in their health and wellness benefits.

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