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Cancel the Waste: How To Break the Cycle of Skyrocketing Health Costs

Between 2012 and 2022, health insurance premiums increased by a staggering 43%. This trend looks set to continue, with American healthcare spending projected to increase by 5.4% per year for the remainder of this decade.

Employers and employees alike are being pushed to the breaking point by ever-rising healthcare prices, which are growing faster than inflation, wages, or corporate earnings.

Join our panel of OneDigital cost containment strategists as they discuss their playbook for reigning in expenses without compromising on quality:

  • Changes to your health plan funding model: self-funding, captives, reference-based pricing, and more.
  • Risk management policies: stop loss insurance, carve-outs, and other timely tactics.
  • Fighting pharma waste: non-essential drug exclusion, specialty cost containment, and recognizing common causes of overspending.
  • Population health management: how a modernized strategy to incentivize employee health can result in hard-dollar savings.