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Instant Pharma Episode One: Cutting Carbs, Cakes, and Costs

It's no secret that drug prices are out of control in the United States. In recent years, the cost of providing pharmacy benefits has eclipsed other big-ticket items to become one of the fastest-growing expense categories for employers.

While businesses can take steps to contain these costs by switching to a different health plan model that allows for greater control over their pharmacy spending, this type of policy change is not a good fit for everyone. Fortunately, employers of all stripes can pursue several alternative strategies that empower their employees to live healthier lives, reduce the need for expensive pharmaceutical products, and achieve the most positive health outcomes possible.

In the first episode of OneDigital's Instant Pharma podcast, Richard Lo and Madison Eddleman sit down to discuss one of America's most endemic health issues: the rising prevalence of obesity. Tune in to understand what national health statistics can tell us about the rate of Americans' weight gain, how organizations can encourage employees to live healthier lifestyles, and whether your pharmacy plan should really cover those new weight loss drugs.

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