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OneDigital Retirement and Wealth Leader on Rotation into Wealth Management

Since entering into the financial services industry in 2020, OneDigital has acquired 35+ businesses in retirement and wealth management, growing the operation to about $100 billion in assets nationwide.

In a recent article for Kansas City Business Journal, Vince Morris, President of OneDigital’s Retirement and Wealth division, shared the company’s vision for the year ahead – an aggressive rotation into wealth management.

If you look at the acquisitions we did in the fourth quarter, all four of them were majority wealth or all wealth advisory firms, so not as much on the retirement side. It’s part of a whole convergence story for us, combining health, wealth and retirement. We want to be that business strategist that comes in and sits down with the business owner, learns what’s going on in their business, then shares our perspective on how to solve workforce problems. We think it has to be a holistic approach, both financial and health.
⁠— Vince Morris, President, OneDigital Retirement + Wealth

Morris continued to highlight how many of the companies OneDigital manages retirement plans for, people in the C-suite are trying to handle their personal finances without a financial plan in place, and they need help. In taking a holistic approach to wealth management, OneDigital also helps new employees fresh out of college deal with student loan debt and take advantage of HSA or 401(k) offerings to ensure that they have better long-term outcomes. The complete and holistic approach to wealth management combined with corporate retirement planning creates an attractive alignment for wealth management firms to align with OneDigital.

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