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Preventing Workplace Violence: Strategies for a Safer Workplace

Every year, over 2 million people fall victim to workplace violence.

This disturbing statistic not only causes immense trauma to those involved but also severely disrupts business operations, exposes employers to potential legal liabilities, and erodes the overall workplace environment.

The alarming number of workplace violence incidents has led to an increasing number of regulations and requirements for businesses to implement robust prevention strategies. Is your organization prepared to meet these evolving standards?

In this on-demand session, our panel of experts discuss:

  • The latest trends and statistics on workplace violence incidents
  • Legislative updates and compliance requirements for employers
  • Best practices for managing employer obligations
  • Impact on workers’ compensation and other liability exposure
  • Strategies for creating a culture of safety and promoting employee mental health

Gain valuable insights and practical guidance to safeguard your employees, protect your business interests, and foster a secure workplace environment.