Taxes & Insurance


We understand that navigating your taxes and their regulations can seem daunting. Let us help simplify your life by collaborating with tax and insurance professionals to show you ways to possibly keep more money in your pocket today while also being prepared for taxes.

Giving Back: Your Charitable Giving Guide

The season of giving is here. But what steps should you take after donating any time of year? Mike Gouldin, Senior Vice President of Retirement Services is here to answer your questions and go over best practices when donating to charity.

A Guide to Charitable Donations

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Taxes... Now or Later: Pre-Tax vs. Roth Savings

This session is designed to not only have you understanding the difference between Roth & pre-tax savings but also to help you decide which makes sense for your unique situation. Here, we evaluate the difference between saving in a Roth IRA compared to Roth 401(k) contributions. This is one area that you can create some serious efficiency with your retirement savings.

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Income Tax 101

Tax time - we focus on Taxes in April, but it really is something we should be aware of throughout the year. Watch this session recap to learn ways to keep more money in your pocket today, but also to set yourself up for tax success in the future.

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