It's time to make HR less administrative and more strategic. Is your team ready?

Although the function of HR in workplaces is more strategic than ever before, HR professionals still report spending approximately 80% of their time on administrative tasks like onboarding, attendance and payroll.

With today’s climate of dynamic and constant change, the focus has been squarely put on an organization’s ability to remain competitive—all while weathering an era of disruption and transformation. Is your HR team ready for the evolution that is already here?

Drive HR success and understand the key trends that can influence your business today. From navigating the landscape of technology and analytics solutions to staying compliant with hard and fast regulation changes, HR leaders are being pressed to rewrite the rules for how they recruit, develop, retain and engage the modern workforce.


In this HR Trends Guide, we'll examine how the future success of HR lies in the ability to address 6 key trends. Drive workplace success and download our 2019-2020 HR Trends Guide.


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Tech Trends That Will Influence Your Business Now and in the Future

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Importance of Employee Experience

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From technology to employee management, HR departments have the mission-critical responsibility of ensuring their company is composed of the right people who are motivated, satisfied and fulfilled in their work all while managing strategic growth and business goals. Tune into OneDigital's HR Podcast series to uncover insights on the challenges, observations and trends seen in the human resources space.