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Welcome to OneDigital Jacksonville, FL (Downtown)

In early 2021, OneDigital Jacksonville became a powerhouse resource through the Owen & Associates (O&A) acquisition.

With over 120 locations across the country, OneDigital provides solutions to the small, mid-size and large employers markets in untapped ways. Leveraging our comprehensive business strategy approach, our clients have direct access to a team of employee benefits experts, pharmacists, HR consultants, Retirement + Wealth strategies, analysts, and captive leaders servicing the full and self-funded market needs like never before.

This platform delivers a holistic approach to empowering the workforce and does not treat health and benefits, retirement and wealth and workforce and HR needs in a silo. OneDigital is combating the status quo way of thinking, committing to technology and innovation to deliver the most modern and intuitive customer experience anywhere in the industry, united under one umbrella.

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Value Driver: Responsive


We put your needs and the needs of your employees first- when you need us we are there each and every time.


We know your name, the names of your employees, your biggest challenges, and what success looks like for you.

Value Driver: Fresh Thinking

Fresh Thinking

We lead market trends, we don't follow them- you can count on us to look around the corner on your behalf.

Meet The Leadership

Wendy Owen

  • Managing Principal

Wendy Owen is a managing principal at OneDigital Jacksonville and lauded for being a tremendously nuanced negotiator. Whether it’s in a presentation to a board or a panel of underwriters, she is highly sensitive to her audience and their needs to help risk managers be effective. What sets her apart is that she understands what is needed to be successful. She discerns the right fit for organizations and has the respect needed to get people together to make things happen.

Tim Owen

  • Managing Principal
  • 30 years of experience

Tim Owen is a managing principal at OneDigital Jacksonville. His commitment to the company and industry for over 30 years has contributed to his lasting success and respect as a leader, entrepreneur, innovator, mentor, and businessman. Tim's impact is a result of his perseverance, generosity, and deep commitment to offering the finest to the client base and his team.

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