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Welcome to OneDigital Pittsburgh, PA

The OneDigital Pittsburgh office works to assist Owners and Human Resource professionals of mid-sized companies in achieving their Human Resource goals. We provide employee benefits, payroll, compliance, TPA, and health and welfare administrative services.

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Value Driver: Trustworthy


We'll give you the straight talk you need to make complex decisions, even in the most challenging times.

Value Driver: Responsive


We put your needs and the needs of your employees first- when you need us we are there each and every time.

Value Driver: Relentless


We've got your back when you need us most, and won't stop working until you have a solution that works for you.

Meet The Leadership

Celeste Hough

  • Regional Director of Operations
  • 5 years of experience

Celeste Hough is a regional controller at OneDigital, a national team of experienced, local employee benefits advisors who create greater value for employers and inspire individuals to become more engaged health care consumers.

With so many things in life getting more difficult, partnering with OneDigital Pittsburgh has been stress-free.


Annette, Borough Manager

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