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OneDigital CEO Featured on Culture Architects to Discuss OneDigital’s Award-Winning Culture

Great cultures do not happen by chance.

Nationwide “Best Place to Work Awards,” high employee retention, rapid growth, and a palpable excitement for the company are just a few ways OneDigital demonstrates its commitment to culture.

In a recent Culture Architects podcast hosted by David J. Friedman, OneDigital CEO Adam Bruckman dove into how OneDigital prioritizes culture, detailing how company strategies are intentionally designed to grow the company and its culture. The podcast underscores Bruckman’s long-time commitment to corporate values and how along with his partners, he built a welcoming, values-driven company culture from the earliest days of 30 employees.

I’ve always been passionate about this {culture}. This is what gets me out of bed every day. Along with my partners, we just felt strongly about providing a workplace that folks were excited about, a mission and a vision they could get behind. From a customer and partnership mindset, that formed how we wanted to be known in the market. But then from an employer standpoint and a family environment, that’s the experience we wanted employees to have.
- Adam Bruckman, CEO, OneDigital

Bruckman continued to explain how the firm seeks to partner with companies that align with OneDigital’s values to contribute to the organization's overall growth strategies. This values-based acquisition and growth strategy has led OneDigital to over 200 acquisitions since the company’s inception, with more than 95-percent of them still with the organization and thriving.

As OneDigital continues to experience rapid growth, both organically and through acquisition, this focus on people and culture remains, leading the firm to obtain dozens of Best Places to Work accolades nationally and locally.

Listen to this clip, where David and Adam discuss maintaining culture through growth.

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