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The Art of Extending an Offer of Employment

Extending an offer isn’t a transactional process. It’s the start of the ongoing relationship between employer and employee. Here are some best practices for extending an offer of employment: 

The recruitment process comes with some exciting moments, including finding the ideal candidate’s resume and having an initial call with a great candidate. But nothing beats extending an offer of employment! And while a favorite for many, this may also be the most daunting part of the process, especially if not handled well.  Follow these best practices for handling this pivotal moment in the recruitment process.

  1. Prepare: Before extending an offer, ensure all details are considered. This includes determining salary but should also include benefits, start date, and any other pertinent information. Being prepared demonstrates professionalism and sets the stage for a positive interaction. One additional note about preparing the offer – salary expectations should be thoroughly and honestly discussed throughout the process.  There may still be some discussion and expectations of the candidate for negotiation.  You should know if the salary offered is the best and final – or if there is some room for adjustment based on the candidate’s response to the offer.
  2. Personalize the Offer: The initial offer should be extended verbally by someone known to the candidate.  It may be the recruiter or hiring manager.  Acknowledge their skills, experiences, and contributions they will bring to the organization. Personalizing the offer reinforces the candidate’s connection to the role and company.
  3. Communication: Open and honest communication throughout the recruitment process is essential. Clearly outline the terms of employment, including job responsibilities, reporting structure, and expectations. Address any potential concerns or questions the candidate may have.
  4. Highlight Potential Growth Opportunities: Emphasize the potential for growth and development within the organization. Demonstrating a commitment to the candidate’s long-term career goals enhances the attractiveness of the offer.
  5. Be Enthusiastic: Express enthusiasm and excitement about the candidate joining the team. Convey genuine appreciation for their talents and the value they will bring to the organization. Celebrating the partnership from the outset fosters a sense of belonging and motivates the candidate to excel.
  6. Support a Smooth Transition: Offer support and assistance to facilitate a smooth transition for the candidate. Provide resources for relocation, onboarding materials, and introductions to key team members. Demonstrating a commitment to the candidate’s integration into the organization enhances their overall experience.
  7. Follow-Up: After extending the offer, follow up promptly to address any remaining questions or concerns. Maintain open lines of communication and offer support as needed throughout the onboarding process. A thoughtful follow-up demonstrates a commitment to the candidate’s success and reinforces their decision to join the organization.  This may also be the time that their current employer may attempt to convince the candidate to reconsider their decision.  Stay in touch to support them during this process.

Extending an offer of employment is more than a formality; it’s an opportunity to create a lasting impression and build a foundation for a successful partnership. By preparing diligently, communicating transparently, and demonstrating genuine enthusiasm, employers can effectively extend offers that resonate with top talent and set the stage for mutual success.

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