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Elevating the Candidate Journey: Strategies to Improve the Hiring Process

First impressions matter. As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression." This is especially true when it comes to attracting top talent to your organization. 

Why Candidate Communication Matters

How candidates are treated during the interview process can significantly impact their decision to join your team or explore other opportunities. Keep the human in human resources — this can play a crucial role in shaping a candidate’s perception of your company. Here are some strategies to ensure that candidates walk away with a positive outlook:

  1. Swift Scheduling – Strike While the Iron is Hot

In today’s competitive labor market, time is of the essence. Schedule initial screens and interviews as soon as possible. Waiting even a day or two can make a difference, especially due to the historically low unemployment rates. Demonstrating your interest quickly after a candidate applies sets a positive tone right out of the gate.

  1. Flexibility is Key

Candidates are likely coordinating interviews and juggling around work commitments. Be as flexible as possible when scheduling. Consider scheduling before or after work hours and recognize that they may need to take time off to interview.  Prioritize their convenience around your scheduling constraints whenever possible.

  1. Confirmations are Crucial

When confirming interviews, provide candidates with as many details as possible. Provide candidates with the names and titles of interviewers, duration of the interviews, parking instructions, and whom to ask for upon arrival. This organized approach demonstrates a well-thought-out process and that you are respectful of their time.  Reconfirm interviews, especially when they are scheduled well in advance.

  1. Avoid Cancelling

Cancelling an interview should be a last resort. Cancelling can leave a lasting negative impression. Ensure an exceptional candidate experience throughout the entire process.

  1. The Close – Set Expectations

The candidate experience doesn’t end when the candidate leaves the interview – set clear expectations regarding the next steps and your hiring timeline. End on a positive note – they’re evaluating you too! Ensure that you have addressed all the candidate’s questions. If the candidate is a potential fit, sell the company by highlighting your company’s strengths. If you haven’t regrouped with the rest of the hiring team, be careful not to overpromise. Most importantly, thank them for their time and interest!

  1. Candidate Follow-up

Candidates are invested in the outcome and shouldn’t be left hanging. If you’re moving forward with a candidate, aim to follow up within a week of their initial screening or last interview. If a candidate is not progressing to the next stage, email or call them within a week to let them know. Be upfront about the outcome, even if it doesn’t go their way – they’ll appreciate your honesty. Additionally, if multiple candidates are in process and decisions aren’t being made for several weeks, then keep them “warm” – send a friendly message to update them that they’re still under consideration and you’re hoping to follow up soon.

To sum up, treat every candidate as a potential asset to your organization. By sharpening your candidate communication skills, you’ll not only attract top talent but also create a positive reputation that extends far beyond the interview room. Bonus – potentially build your hiring pipeline as well! After all, exceptional hires begin with exceptional interaction.

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