The intersection of HR and Finance is evolving—and fast. Is your team ready to challenge the status quo?


Redefine the way you manage benefit plan risk with OneDigital's unique Captive solutions.

With an ever-changing insurance and healthcare marketplace, employers are taking a fresh thinking approach to the way they manage benefit plan risk. Insurance costs remain unpredictable and a growing number of organizations, groups and associations are looking to have more control over their expenditures. Innovative employers seek to establish a health plan that maximizes long-term cost through control, scale and transparency, and our captive solutions help you do just that.

Today, successful organizations are focusing on the intersection of HR and Finance to capitalize on high-performing funding alternatives that optimize risk management, cost control and employee engagement. Are your HR and Finance teams ready to challenge the status quo of benefit expenditures?

OneDigital offers a unique solution combining benefits, captive solutions and strategic partnerships that take our clients’ risk financing strategy to next level. Watch this video to learn how we can help you implement a long-term innovative risk financing strategy that will control cost, provide transparency and build an exceptional workplace.


Feasibility analytics and cost-effective risk management solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Experienced consultants that provide peace of mind for your HR and Finance concerns.


Captive solutions delivered across a variety of industries, associations and workforce sizes.


Legal experts who provide compliance confidence, minimize risk and reduce liabilities.


Innovative Risk Financing Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Needs

OneDigital’s Group Captive Solution is a high performance, healthcare strategy that optimizes:

  • Risk management
  • Cost control and stability
  • Plan transparency, flexibility and scale
  • Member engagement

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"...The results to date have been incredible! Our annual budgets have been virtually flat for several... years and our claim experience is actually beginning to decrease. The monetary results and flexibility have afforded us the opportunity to improve the benefits that we offer to our employees. The success of the program has had a very positive impact on our business culture and performance. I wish we had taken this approach ten years ago!"

Chief Operating Officer

OneDigital Captive Member


Is your team ready to challenge the status quo?

If you're looking for a partner who is completely flexible and responsive to your changing needs, look to OneDigital Captive Solutions. Our teams service employers coast to coast, bringing the commitment of experienced Captive consultants to companies of all sizes, whether you have 40 employees or 4,000.

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