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OneDigital's open enrollment hub provides tools, resources and best practice guides across all areas of open enrollment to help you achieve success regardless of the workplace climate.


This year’s open enrollment (OE) is anything but business as usual.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic introduces an entirely new set of communications challenges for employers, it also provides a chance to transform the way you approach benefits communication and education. In a time where employee experience is more important than ever, having the right benefit options—communicated in the right way—to the right audiences, will be crucial for success.

OneDigital's open enrollment hub provides you with the strategies and insights to meet the changing needs of your workforce this open enrollment season.

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One in 5 people

Nearly 1 in 5 (19%) did not feel confident they understood everything they signed up for after their most recent benefits enrollment.


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How To Conduct Open Enrollment During a Pandemic

Register for the Open Enrollment Hiccups: Top 20 Compliance Issues Webinar Now

An already intimidating process has become further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, changing open enrollment for the foreseeable future. Watch the on-demand webinar to determine the right benefits to offer to remote employees, learn to navigate communication plans for a virtual workforce, and discover technology solutions for a successful implementation of a fully digital experience.

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2021 Strategic Planning: Adapting to Support Your Employee's Experience

Register for the 2021 Strategic Planning: Adapting to Support Your Employee's Experience Webinar Now

In today's rapidly changing environment, the needs of your business and employees are evolving at unprecedented rates. Leaders can no longer afford to haphazardly react to stressors their workforce faces and must proactively implement long-term strategies that mitigate the adverse effects on their workforce. Watch the on-demand webinar for a discussion on the evolving workforce trends and creative solutions forward-thinking employers are implementing to support their workforce through 2021.

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Employee Engagement and Communication in a Virtual World

Register for the Open Enrollment Hiccups: Top 20 Compliance Issues Webinar Now

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the way in which we conduct business and communicate with employees. Open Enrollment will be a much different experience in the coming months as we continue to social distance and embrace the virtual world.

OneDigital's HR and communication experts share actionable strategies and ideas to make your open enrollment a success despite the many challenges you may face.

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Health Insurance 101: Glossary of Insurance Terms

Benefits selection and utilization are essential to the health of your employees and your company. But what happens when your employees don’t understand the benefits you’re offering, or worse select the wrong benefits? Give your employees the necessary tools they need to understand their benefits offerings with this glossary of insurance terms and definitions.

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Post Open Enrollment Communications Guidebook

Benefits utilization is just as important as enrollment, especially in a post-pandemic environment. Avoid the influx of employee questions by crafting a post open enrollment communications strategy that will give visibility to your employee benefits plan throughout the year.

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Benefits Communications Score Card

Getting your workforce informed, engaged and enrolled in their benefits can seem like an insurmountable challenge, especially with many employees working in a remote environment. Complete this scorecard to help determine the right virtual event strategy for your organization.

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Open Enrollment: Improve your Employee Experience

A successful open enrollment can improve engagement, loyalty and employee experience. Discover how to create an effective and enjoyable open enrollment experience that empowers your employees to feel confident in their benefits decisions throughout the year.

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Employee Wellbeing Starts with Open Enrollment

Today’s overwhelming amount of uncertainty means that employee wellbeing is more important now than ever. Find out why open enrollment is one of the best opportunities to enhance and introduce the culture of health at your organization.

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Driving a Successful Open Enrollment for a Multigenerational Workforce Guide

Your approach to open enrollment should be as diverse as your workforce. Find out why open enrollment is the best opportunity to address the diverse communications needs of your multigenerational workforce and uncover the unique needs of each generation.

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Working virtually remains a challenge for many of us, and sometimes we just need that little something to keep up the motivation. Charge into open enrollment season with some pep in your step. Our playlists that are sure to keep your spirits up and your head bobbing as you conquer each organizational obstacle.

2020. Need we say more? Crank the volume and rise to meet each challenge with the strength you’ve channeled all year long.

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Stepping outside for some air between zoom meetings? This playlist is sure to provide you with the soothing sounds you need.

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This year has illuminated our collective strength in the face of adversity. Turn up the volume, look around and appreciate how far you’ve come.

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Prepare for an Unprecedented Benefits Open Enrollment

This year’s open enrollment will require new benefits and communications strategies that accommodate the new challenges and needs of today’s employees.

Connect with a OneDigital strategist who will help you reimagine your employee open enrollment experience and tailor your 2021 benefits offerings.