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Open enrollment (OE) is more than just two weeks out of the year where your employees select their benefits plans. From planning and communications to activation and evaluation, it's a year-round endeavor for you and your team—not to mention it's an extremely visible time of the year for HR and benefits professionals.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic introduces an entirely new set of communications challenges for employers, it also provides a chance to transform the way you approach benefits communication and education. In a time where employee experience is more important than ever, having the right benefit options—communicated in the right way—to the right audiences, will be crucial for success.

OneDigital's open enrollment hub provides you with the tools and resources you need to run OE like a pro. Crush one of the more challenging aspects of your job and get employees the coverage and peace of mind they deserve.


Health Insurance 101: Glossary of Insurance Terms

Benefits selection and utilization are essential to the health of your employees and your company. But what happens when your employees don’t understand the benefits you’re offering, or worse select the wrong benefits? Give your employees the necessary tools they need to understand their benefits offerings with this glossary of insurance terms and definitions.

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Open Enrollment: Improve your Employee Experience

A successful open enrollment can improve engagement, loyalty and employee experience. Discover how to create an effective and enjoyable open enrollment experience that empowers your employees to feel confident in their benefits decisions throughout the year.

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Employee Wellbeing Starts with Open Enrollment

Today’s overwhelming amount of uncertainty means that employee wellbeing is more important now than ever. Find out why open enrollment is one of the best opportunities to enhance and introduce the culture of health at your organization.

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Driving a Successful Open Enrollment for a Multigenerational Workforce Guide

Your approach to open enrollment should be as diverse as your workforce. Find out why open enrollment is the best opportunity to address the diverse communications needs of your multigenerational workforce and uncover the unique needs of each generation.

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Post Open Enrollment Checklist

No matter how smooth your open enrollment experience was, make sure you take a moment to evaluate. Review the 5 critical areas you’ll need to address when evaluating this year’s open enrollment cycle, and understand how they impact the program’s success throughout the year.

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Post Open Enrollment Communications Guidebook

Benefits utilization is just as important as enrollment, especially in a post-pandemic environment. Avoid the influx of employee questions by crafting a post open enrollment communications strategy that will give visibility to your employee benefits plan throughout the year.

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Turn one of the most daunting times of the year into a piece of cake with OneDigital’s event series. Gain valuable insights from industry experts from across the country who can give you the tools and learnings to retool your HR practice and run open enrollment like a pro.

COVID-19 Employer Advisory Session: Communications Innovations for Open Enrollment

Register for the Open Enrollment Hiccups: Top 20 Compliance Issues Webinar Now

The unique communications challenges introduced from COVID-19 provide you with a chance to transform the way you approach benefits communication and education. Watch the on-demand webinar to hear from two of our benefits and employee engagement leaders as they cover the strategies and initiatives to successfully implement any communications plan, especially as it applies in today’s environment.

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Open Enrollment Hiccups: Top 20 Compliance Issues

Register for the Open Enrollment Hiccups: Top 20 Compliance Issues Webinar Now

Selecting valuable benefits for your workforce can be challenging but keeping in line with every single requirement to remain in compliance during open enrollment can seem impossible. One simple misstep can result in hefty penalties and a huge headache for your organization.

Watch the on-demand webinar to discover tips and tricks you will need to handle open enrollment hiccups like a pro.

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Effective Communications: Prepping for Open Enrollment

Watch the Effective Communications: Prepping for Open Enrollment Webinar Now

Similar to the continued use of conventional benefits strategies, a one size fits all communications approach can negatively impact employee engagement and drive up organizational costs.

Watch the recent webinar to uncover strategies that can help you seamlessly and dynamically communicate across generations during open enrollment.

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Charge into open enrollment season with some pep in your step. These compilations are sure to keep your spirits up and your head bobbing as you conquer each organizational obstacle and overcome compliance and benefits challenges.

Heading into a strategy meeting? Summon the energy and strength to power through the day with this pumped-up playlist.

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Some tasks require a calmer, more relaxed attitude. Need a breather? This playlist is sure to soothe and help you unwind.

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