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Build a future with a company that believes great things happen when you connect the dots between people, technology and platforms.

At OneDigital, we translate bold ambition into reality. We are looking to partner with successful benefits, workforce, wealth, retirement and P&C business owners who want to realize their infinite potential and grow with us. Build a future with a company that unleashes your team's potential and invests in your business for long-term transformation, limitless expansion, and opportunity.


Insurance, Financial Services and HR Consulting

The OneDigital model has fueled more than 20 years of strategic expansion.

Employers today seek the scale, innovation, and experiences only made possible by well-established brands in the marketplace. Our approach to foster a network of like-minded leaders to join the OneDigital brand enables us to be stronger than the sum of our parts. Hear from the entrepreneurs who committed to a partnership that delivered personal and professional growth for them and their teams.


HM Employee Benefits and Risk Management

Firms often experience explosive growth after joining OneDigital. HM Employee Benefits and Risk Management Grew 33% by capitalizing on the resources and expertise offered by joining our team. LEARN MORE →

OneDigital's fierce culture of caring.

We've been named a great place to work locally, nationally and within our industries year after year. Most recently, OneDigital received the Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award, awarded to only 100 employers nationwide.

Based solely on the input of employees, OneDigital represents the only insurance brokerage and retirement plan advisory firm to receive the distinction nationwide. With 95 percent of the teams that have joined us still here – and thriving – we know that our fierce culture of caring sets us apart from other players in the business advisory space.

Jania Stout
"From the first time I met the team, I felt immediate partnership and alignment. OneDigital’s focus on people and culture was genuine and deep and resonated with me, as that is how I have always run my business. The people-first way."

Jania Stout, CFA®

Senior Vice President | Retirement + Wealth

Mike S
“From a team development standpoint, the folks we have been fortunate to hire are excited to join our team and about their future career paths. And the existing employees that we brought to OneDigital are being given opportunities they would never have otherwise had. Our story keeps getting better.”

Mike Shanahan

Senior Managing Principal | Property + Casualty

Kelley S
“I’m excited to say that joining OneDigital was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It has allowed me to support my client’s needs in a much broader way through the varying expertise of my new colleagues while, having the entrepreneurial spirit that made us successful in the first place, supported and encouraged.”

Kelley Snook, Jr, AIF®

Senior Vice President | Retirement + Wealth

Christine Matthews
"One thing that makes OneDigital’s business model unique is that leaders make decisions out in the field. It’s not a top-down organization and provides leaders with a sense of autonomy and freedom to continue operating like they did pre-sale but with the support of a great organization, best practices, and ideas."

Mike Ward

Senior Managing Principal | HR + Employee Benefits

Christine Matthews
"OneDigital allowed me to lead my team into a greater future, with new ideas to bring forth to customers and diversity of thought. Part of the magic of being a part of a larger enterprise is all of the new opportunities it will afford a business. That is why I am so happy with my decision to join OneDigital."

Jason Chepenik

Senior Vice President | Retirement + Wealth


OneDigital’s People Potential Look Book

Top talent can quickly hit a glass ceiling within small businesses. Joining a growing organization enables deeper support systems and new opportunities. View OneDigital’s People Potential Look Book for an interactive look into talent success stories post acquisition.

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Leverage OneDigital’s diverse offerings for accelerated growth.

Retaining clients today requires continuous reinvestment into your business, and many firms struggle to achieve that from profits alone. Our leaders and operational models focus on diversification, presenting significant cross-sell and pipeline opportunities ahead as we rotate into new segments.

At OneDigital, we provide one solution, delivered by one team, backed by one purpose of doing well for business by doing good for people. Watch this video to discover how the power of one can help unleash business growth and power people potential.


Why OneDigital

As a business owner, selling a firm you've built from the ground is an emotional experience. These former business owners reveal their personal reasons for joining OneDigital and why they are certain they made the right move - for their business and their people.

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Bold Intentions

In this series, business owners, change-makers, and cultural influencers offer bold and compelling discussions designed to inspire businesses and people. This innovative series explores how creative thinking and innovation have become the key to unleashing business growth and empowering people potential.


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In today’s business landscape, the stakes for organizations seeking to deliver value through transactions are higher than ever. By joining OneDigital, you gain consulting, products and technology that will illuminate the best possible solutions for your customers, so they can reach a better state of being. If your operating standards and industry vision align with ours, we encourage you to contact us further to explore the opportunity to partner with our growing organization.