Changing the Industry from the Inside Out

In a landscape where complexity often hampers efficiency, OneDigital is transforming the industry by leveraging technology to drive meaningful change.

Modernizing Our Way of Working With Process Automation and APIs

OneDigital's API connections enable the seamless and real-time exchange of data and policy information, streamlining tasks and eliminating weeks of back-and-forth information exchange via email and documentation. Through our investments in process automation, carrier partnerships and APIs, we provide:

  • Seamless access to accurate and up-to-date client data straight from carrier systems.
  • Precise and immediate renewal transmissions, saving clients time and preventing errors.
  • Enhanced client experience by automating tasks such as RFP and quoting, complex document review, and routine service needs.

Transforming Client Experiences with Human Connected and Data Driven Guidance

By harnessing cutting-edge technology with the power of data, we enable our clients and internal teams with tools designed to enhance their consulting power and provide valuable insights into workforce and financial strategies. Our current product investments include:

  • Client and consulting platform to increase visibility into workforce spending and planning.
  • Personal financial planning technology and on-demand advisor connection capabilities. ​

Advancing with AI

OneDigital prioritizes the responsible use of AI, recognizing its role and impact on how we work and deliver insights to our clients. Beyond integrating AI into everyday operational functions, our OneDigital teams receive AI-driven tools and companions that boost their ability to serve clients more effectively. Our current investments include:

  • Development of AI companions that provide enhanced insight delivery, helping our teams to service clients more effectively.
  • Intelligent document automation. ​
  • Enterprise-wide data-protected access to Generative AI technology. ​

By strategically investing in technology and innovation, we're paving the way for a transformative future where efficiency and human connection flourish together. At OneDigital, it isn't just about staying ahead; it's about creating meaningful impact across the ecosystem.

- Vinay Gidwaney, Chief Product Officer, OneDigital


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