In the face of uncertainty, take back control of your company’s healthcare spend.


With an ever-changing insurance and healthcare marketplace, leaders have become frustrated with the lack of transparency, flexibility and control when it comes to their organization’s healthcare spend.

Executives feel powerless about the current state of healthcare, pigeon-holed into accepting rate increases from insurers due to a lack of control over negotiations, removing any ability to regulate costs. Many leaders fail to realize that the excess medical premium they are paying is feeding the insurers’ bottom line, resulting in a 67% increase in insurance companies’ profits in the last five years.

Said another way, 10‐15% of a business’s total healthcare spend bolsters insurance companies’ bottom line, seriously damaging profitability and undermining a company’s ability to invest in needed talent to drive business growth. Today, forward-thinking organizations are focusing on the intersection of HR and finance to capitalize on high-performing funding alternatives that optimize risk management, control costs and maximize employee engagement.

OneDigital offers a unique solution to reject the status quo and bring a fresh-thinking approach to how you manage benefits plan risk. Watch this video to learn more.

Comprehensive Support

OneDigital’s Captive Solutions help leaders enhance their health plan, proactively improving employee engagement and satisfaction while maximizing cost containment strategies.


Optimize your health plan with feasibility analytics and cost-effective risk management solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Gain peace of mind with experienced consultants that address and support your HR and finance concerns.


Align your business and benefits strategies by building a transparent and flexible plan that reduces your health plan spend over time.


Partner with experts who provide compliance confidence, minimize risk and reduce liabilities.

Innovative Risk Financing Solutions Customized for You

A group captive allows organizations to gain the transparency, flexibility and control inherent in a self-funded plan, combined with the stability and scale of a group pool. OneDigital’s Group Captive is a high-performance healthcare strategy that provides detailed data to drive strategic direction and creates a true opportunity to optimize:

  • Health plan risk management
  • Cost control and stability
  • Plan transparency, flexibility and scale
  • Member engagement

Get Expert Advice


A Funding Alternative that Won't Hold You Captive

Employers that are fully insured and have 50–500 employees have limited ways to fund and manage their health plan and spend. Join OneDigital’s George Papagelis to discover how an alternative funding solution can proactively control long-term healthcare costs.



Bold Moves Pay Off for Members of OneDigital’s Captive

In 2018, a group of small and mid-sized employers joined forces to fight the status quo by joining the OneDigital Captive. This progressive and strategic approach allowed the group to manage their health plan with transparency and flexibility. Discover how the group experienced positive results year-over-year with their respective health plans and businesses.



Is Captive Insurance Right for Your Business?

Healthcare spending is expected to rise an average of 5.5% annually, surpassing the rate of overall inflation or wage growth, creating an unsustainable situation for most businesses. Tired of succumbing to the “status-quo” of obscure rate increases? Find out if an alternative funding model like a Group Captive would make sense for your organization.



Are you ready to redefine the way your company manages benefits plan risk?

If you're looking to create long-term stability and take back control of healthcare spending, look to OneDigital Captive Solutions. Our team of strategic consultants are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of today’s employers and provide high-performing strategies to companies of all sizes around the world, whether they have 40 employees or 4,000.