The traditional employer-employee relationship has been forever altered. Are your processes stuck in the past or aligned to empower your people on the road ahead?


Employee engagement is hard to define, yet is a key metric that powers organizational culture, keeps team members focused and dramatically improves retention.

If neglected, employee engagement can cost employers over $1M/year in lost profitability for every 50 employees.* Yesterday’s communications methods won’t move the needle on employee engagement. Two-thirds of employees want their employer to help provide clarity around benefits throughout the year, not just at open enrollment.*

Leaders can no longer afford to react to workforce needs haphazardly and must proactively keep employees informed and engaged year-round to help productivity levels rise, resulting in a positive impact on an organization's bottom line.

OneDigital's Member Engagement & Communications advisors design custom strategies to maximize engagement and develop greater loyalty within an organization. Watch this video to learn more.

2022 Engagement & Wellbeing Calendar

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Employee Engagement Support

OneDigital offers a comprehensive approach to increase employee engagement before, during and after open enrollment with an effective year-round benefits communications strategy.


Experienced consultants analyze your workforce to develop a reimagined communications plan, maximize engagement and reduce the HR burden.


Achieve measurable results by adopting flexible solutions tailored for your business to support benefits communications, open enrollment and critical employee education.


Increase program understanding and utilization with advanced engagement and technology solutions.


Equip your workforce with meaningful resources to stay productive, healthy and engaged.

Employee Engagement Multimedia Center

Byte-Sized Benefits

Conquering benefits confusion for the everyday employee.

Tune into Byte-Sized Benefits, a podcast that addresses some of the common health care misconceptions and hacks to help employees eliminate the guessing game and make the most of their benefits plans.


Employee Engagement Video Series

Providing your people with multiple options to learn and engage with their benefits programs.

Employee Engagement Video Series OneDigital strategists provide a wide range of customized educational content to support virtual and in-person open enrollment, on-going engagement campaigns and day-to-day communications intentionally crafted to empower employees.



Strategic Planning to Combat Low Retention, Mental Health Challenges and Employee Financial Stress

Join OneDigital’s HR, wellbeing and retirement leaders for a critical discussion about the must-have people strategies to increase engagement, support employee wellbeing and reduce financial stress for the long term.


Creating Employee Happiness & Engagement: How to Support Employees to Retain Talent

Learn the latest on creating employee happiness and engagement and how to utilize the great resignation as a great opportunity for your workforce from OneDigital's Health & Wellbeing team.


Closing the Health and Financial Literacy Gap for Your Employees

Join OneDigital's wellbeing, communications and retirement leaders for a webinar that will provide tactical techniques and practical strategies you can apply immediately that will meet your workforce exactly where they are.



The Breakroom: Educate and Empower Your People

COVID-19 hubVisit OneDigital’s Breakroom for resources that make it easy for your workforce to understand, utilize and amplify their employer-sponsored programs and benefits.


Employee Communications Strategies During a Pandemic

Effective and consistent employee communication is vital for any organization to truly engage their workforce. Utilize these four strategies to drive employee engagement and retention.


Benefits Information at Your Fingertips

Engage your workforce like never before, elevate your internal communications and drive smarter health care decisions all within the OneDigital App.



Heather Rabinowitz VP of Member Engagement

Heather leads the OneDigital team to design and deploy strategies to better engage, captivate and connect the employees of OneDigital's customers to their health and benefits programs. She brings over 10 years of industry experience with a focused background in client management, employee experience, engagement and communications.

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Shira Wilensky National Practice Leader, Health & Wellbeing

Melissa Blake
Melissa Blake National Practice Leader, Member Engagement and Communications

Lucy Roberts, PhD Practice Specialist, Health & Wellbeing

Madison Eddleman National Member Engagement & Communications Specialist


Don’t let your benefits communications and employee engagement strategies take a back seat.

As the employee experience continues to emerge as a significant factor in organizational success, leaders must rethink the experiences they create for employees inside the workplace and implement solutions to proactively address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s unknown. Connect with a team of advisors who are committed to maximizing every employee’s experience with custom strategies proven to engage workforces and drive organizational success.

*This number is calculated based on the size of an average company with 50 employees and the profit impact of lost productivity and turnover is over a million dollars a year. In a recent McKinsey report, it's estimated that the cost of disengaged employees is equal to 34% of their annual salary; the Department of Labor estimates it costs 30% of an employee’s salary to rehire a lost position.