Stop Loss Insurance

Insulate your business from rising health costs and devastating claims.

In a world of increased costs and risks, offering competitive benefits while keeping spending under control can seem like an impossible task.


During uncertain times, having the right financial protection is key.

Over the past ten years, healthcare costs have only gone up and are projected to increase further, forcing many employers to question the stability of offering long-term coverage for current and future employees. Once considered a rarity, million-dollar claims have become more common and have jumped 49% over the last four years alone.*

To future-proof organizations from incurring high-cost claims, business leaders need a partner they can rely on to help anticipate and alleviate any risks that lie ahead. OneDigital's Stop Loss Center of Excellence delivers deep subject matter expertise to ensure plan sponsors always receive the best rates and service in the market for stop loss coverage and most importantly, create a safety net to protect businesses no matter what the future holds. Watch this video to learn more.

*Source: SunLife

Risk Management Solutions for Employers

The OneDigital Stop Loss Center of Excellence offers superior risk protection and delivers a streamlined experience for leaders and their people. Our team will help you with:

Strategy & Planning

Strategic guidance, proprietary solutions and data-driven insights to fuel your business and ensure your protection on the road ahead.

Flexibility & Control

Expert claims oversight, lightning-fast reimbursements, and comprehensive administrative support give you back time and access to funds to reinvest into your workforce.

Peace of Mind

Maximize your investments with protection from high-cost claims based on employee demographics and risk tolerance.

Meet the Experts

Nauman Shaikh Vice President of Risk and Analytics
Monique Burke, GBA Director, Stop Loss Center of Excellence

Employers need a reliable partner to alleviate the endless time commitments and burdensome administrative work that comes with maintaining a top-tier self-funded health plan.

With a streamlined process and dedicated support team, employers can trust OneDigital to provide the quick and accurate claims reimbursement process they deserve. The result? More time back in the day, more energy to focus on supporting people, and rapid access to excess funds to use where they’re needed most. Contact OneDigital to secure comprehensive protection for your business.