Health & Wellbeing Solutions

Employees today are up against unprecedented stressors.

How is your company addressing this workforce crisis?


Employees are facing heightened personal and professional challenges, impacting the full spectrum of their wellbeing.

Poor mental health and wellbeing can cost employers as much as 25-35% of payroll through absenteeism, productivity loss and other indirect costs. For business leaders, implementing a holistic approach to wellbeing is becoming a business imperative over an employee perk.

Designing a comprehensive, long-term employee wellbeing plan that aids in decreasing overall healthcare costs can seem overwhelming. An organization's size, location(s), demographics, culture and the level of commitment from senior management will influence the success of employer-sponsored programs.

OneDigital’s health & wellbeing experts can help optimize the employee experience and maximize workplace productivity through custom wellbeing solutions, watch this video to learn more.

Employee Experience Support

OneDigital offers a unique and integrated approach to wellbeing that combines benefits, health & wellbeing experts and technology to help your employees thrive in all areas of wellbeing.


Utilize a data-driven analysis to identify health risks and cost drivers and opportunities to support total wellbeing.


Collaborate with experienced workforce consultants to develop an integrated approach to wellbeing, engagement and performance.


Increase program adoption with a customized communication strategy to implement targeted health & wellbeing solutions.


Ensure your health & wellbeing programs remain compliant with legal experts who provide compliance confidence.

Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Calendar

Discover tools and resources designed to engage your employees and enhance their overall health and wellbeing. Visit the Engagement & Wellbeing Calendar Now →

Solutions That Support Workforce Effectiveness and Wellbeing

OneDigital’s Health & Wellbeing experts deploy a process-driven approach to build or identify tailored, effective, measurable health and wellbeing programs. Based on your organization’s unique needs, we can partner to help:


  • Evaluate existing programs, implement data-driven solutions, measure impact and maximize resources
  • Create policies, environments and a culture that supports total wellbeing and high performance
  • Design custom short and long-term strategies integrated with your people and benefits strategy
  • Build custom program scorecards to demonstrate quantitative and qualitative success
  • Identify best-in-class vendor solutions based on employee needs and interests to support total wellbeing

Employer Resources


Done right, a health & wellbeing program can engage employees and positively impact your bottom line.

The health of your employees is a key driver of your organization’s financial health. Contact OneDigital to connect with a team of advisors who can help develop an integrated and collaborative approach to wellbeing, engagement, and performance for your organization, whether you have 40 employees or 4,000.

Meet the Experts

Courtney Perez Vice President of Engagement

Shira Wilensky National Practice Leader, Health & Wellbeing
Sara Tarca Regional Practice Lead, Wellbeing Strategy & Solutions

Lucy Roberts, PhD Senior Consultant, National Engagement & Wellbeing Practice
Kelly Holt Wellbeing Strategy Consultant

Madison Eddleman National Engagement & Wellbeing Specialist